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Michelle Brown

Michelle (The real brains behind Beets) was fortunate enough to find her way to San Luis Obispo, and attend Cal Poly where she would earn a dual B.S. in Food Science and Nutrition. She loved the central coast so much, she stayed to earn her M.S. in Food Science. While at Cal Poly she raced at the national level in collegiate triathlon, and also completed Ironman Coeur d'Alene. She has been a fitness enthusiast her entire life, stemming from her days as a soccer player right here in Livermore, where she was born and raised. Her three children (actually 2, not including Dave) are the love of her life. 


When we decided to pursue our dream, we did so with life in-mind. A place that makes us healthy, happy, and dedicated as a community. A place designed to be fun. 

Here, you will find a unique blend of passion and persistence. The combination of the latest equipment, incredible coaches, and fun environment will leave you with a smile. Come join us today for a funky music driven cycle experience, or a strength focused barre concerto.

We can't wait to meet you!


Michelle and Dave


Dave Brown

Dave enjoys long walks on the beach, and making sure Michelle is always right :) After a stint playing D1 baseball at Cal Poly, he was driven to find new athletic purpose. He raced competitively for the Cal Poly Triathlon Team, and also completed Ironman New Zealand while in San Luis Obispo. He has a B.S. and M.S. in Nutritional Science, and also served as a strength coach for Cal Poly's Lacrosse, Rugby, and Field Hockey teams.



What is Beets Cycling: Showing up should be 90% of the battle.  We'll get you set up on the bike and show you an entertaining ride that will fly by!  All of our classes are choreographed to unique playlists and sure to keep you coming back for more.  

Benefits of Beets Cycling: Cardio.  The benefits of cardio are unquestionable.  It burns tons of calories, improves heart health and general endurance for daily life.  But did you know that indoor cycling is also great for toning the core and upper body as well.  While our legs do most of the work, keeping the core and upper body engaged as needed to ride is a secret weapon for toning that upper body too!


What is Beets Barre: Beets barre is all about low impact, but high intensity, functional strength training. Whether you opt for our 45 minute express or 60 minute class you can expect a full body burner of a workout delivered by intelligently sequenced exercises designed to build balanced strength, increased flexibility and better posture (oh, and some super toned muscles).  

Benefits of Beets Barre: Strength and endurance (that’s joint, injury and pregnancy friendly). Strength training is a key component of nearly every fitness and health goal. Modifications and challenge options are offered in each class to customize each workout to your particular needs goals. Expect to be challenged by new exercises that you’ll learn to love, along with creative twists on pushups, planks, lunges and other proven exercises.


Meet our Instructors

We know that your experience can only be as good as your class. That all begins and ends with the best damn instructors our community has to offer. They are here to guide you on a path of fun, excitement, and personal highs never thought possible. Trust us, they can't wait to meet you!


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