Your Neighborhood Barre

Beets barre is all about low impact, but high intensity, functional strength training. Whether you opt for our 45 minute express or 60 minute class you can expect a full body burner of a workout delivered by intelligently sequenced exercises designed to build balanced strength, increased flexibility and better posture (oh, and some super toned muscles).  

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New to Barre?

Barre is certainly popular, but what's it all about? Click on the button below to read a short editorial on "7 Things I wish I had Known Before My First Barre Class" by Ariana Marini.

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Barre Babe

From our classic barre style at Beets, to our fast paced Power Barre, you will find a class that fits your style and comfort. We are excited to invite you to our barre studio!

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Bro Barre

No, it's not a joke. However, it's strange that Barre has never been focused on men. The truth, is that functional strength combined with flexibility will keep everyone healthier and less prone to injury. You will find that barre will change your life. Just ask the dudes doing it on the weekly!