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Elle Lohn

1. What song(s) do you know all of the lyrics to?  Bohemian Rhapsody.. and many others. True story: I grew up in a karaoke-ing household.

2. What is your favorite part of class? Running out of the saddle.  I love that I feel the burn both in my legs and core.

3. What is something that you are really good at that has gotten you nothing but a few good stories? Hula hooping.. although I once won a contest on a cruise ship.

4. What has led you to instructing at Beets? As a lifelong athlete, I've always had a passion for the fitness/wellness world.  I'm excited to bring my coaching skills to Beets.

5. What can we expect in your class? My goal for riders is that they have opportunities to challenge themselves throughout class and can leave the bike happy that they practiced some self-care.  I'm all about positive vibes, pushing limits, and a killer playlist.