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Katy downey

1.  What song(s) do you know all of the lyrics to?  You Are My Sunshine. I sing it to my babies every night. 

2.  What is your favorite fitness hack? Schedule your workouts! Add your workouts (day and time) into your calendar so it's planned into your day and you receive reminders/notifications to get your booty to the gym. It's all about staying motivated & accountable and there's nothing more helpful then a reminder that says - CYCLE CLASS, GO NOW! 

3.  What is your favorite fitness garb at the moment? What can I say...booty shorts. Always my go to. Always my favorite. 

4.  What has led you to instructing at Beets? My love, passion, and expertise in formulating challenging body weight strength training classes led me directly to Bro Barre classes - that and Michelle & Dave's passion for the community and love for health and wellness really sealed the deal!

5.  What can we expect in your class? In taking my Bro Barre class you can expect to challenge yourself, to really push past your limits and progress and grow stronger with every single class!