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Personal training

Beets is proud to offer private, personal training for individuals or small groups. Our owner and founder, Dave Brown will guide you through the noble process of discovering your personal best. With our training plans, Dave will create a fun but purposeful plan based entirely around your goals and expectations. The program includes:

  • Complete fitness evaluation with goal setting session

  • 5 or 10 week exercise prescription with weekly 60 min sessions (2x week)

  • Personal nutrition coaching with weekly evaluations and recommendations

  • Pre and Post fitness testing and body comp evaluations

  • Client Only membership pricing at Beets

Carpe Diem my friends, Carpe Diem.


5 Week Program (10 sessions) $599

10 Week Program (20 sessions) $999

Please email us at for scheduling.

Personal Nutrition Coaching

Beets has perhaps the most qualified nutrition coaches this side of Pleasanton ridge, and we are proud to share our brains with the tri-valley community. Our personal nutrition coaching is designed to get you off the train of mis-information so readily available in our world, and back to reality. A nutrition coach will not only help you achieve your goals, but also be a partner, motivator, and educator along the entire process. The program includes:

  • Initial 30 minute consultation / goal setting session

  • 5 Weeks diet journal support and evaluation

  • Weekly email correspondence to report diet journal - set goals for following week

  • Conclusion consultation - 30 minute


5 Week Program $200

10 Week Program (20 sessions) $300