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What is Beets Cycling: Showing up should be 90% of the battle.  We'll get you set up on the bike and show you an entertaining ride that will fly by!  All of our classes are choreographed to unique playlists and sure to keep you coming back for more.  

Benefits of Beets Cycling: Cardio.  The benefits of cardio are unquestionable.  It burns tons of calories, improves heart health and general endurance for daily life.  But did you know that indoor cycling is also great for toning the core and upper body as well.  While our legs do most of the work, keeping the core and upper body engaged as needed to ride is a secret weapon for toning that upper body too!


Beets Rhythm Ride 45 / 60

Our signature ride is a beet based, drill focused ride that lets the beat of the music inspire you to ride faster and work harder than ever before. Get ready to tap-it-back, bounce it out, and drop it down low for a unique and energizing full-body workout experience.

From seated intervals to jogging heavy, this 45 or 60-minute class is packed from start to finish. Lose yourself in the motivating music and challenge your body and heart. You'll be thankful you came!

Beets Power Ride 45 / 60

Our second signature ride is all about intervals. Sweet, lovely intervals. We focus on the music as we change our RPMs through seated and standing sessions. You can expect heart pounding and thigh screaming love, as our coaches guide you through an incredible workout. We don't skip the arms during this class, so bring your A game! See you on the bike!

Beets Power + 45

This 45 or 90 minute wattage ride will test your limits, and is designed by our co-owner Dave. As a former Ironman Triathlete and USAT coach, he is no stranger to interval training. The class is focused on power training, and is designed to max out fun and performance.

Come join this class held a couple times a week if you are training for an endurance event. It's perfect for cycling, and excellent for cross training. 

Beets Freestyle Ride 45

Expect the unexpected.  Our freestyle instructors bring a ton of fun to these classes and you can expect the range from a bike dance party to relay races to full body core work on the bike.   


What is Beets Barre: Beets barre is all about low impact, but high intensity, functional strength training. Whether you opt for our 45 minute express or 60 minute class you can expect a full body burner of a workout delivered by intelligently sequenced exercises designed to build balanced strength, increased flexibility and better posture (oh, and some super toned muscles).  

Benefits of Beets Barre: Strength and endurance (that’s joint, injury and pregnancy friendly). Strength training is a key component of nearly every fitness and health goal. Modifications and challenge options are offered in each class to customize each workout to your particular needs goals. Expect to be challenged by new exercises that you’ll learn to love, along with creative twists on pushups, planks, lunges and other proven exercises.  


Beets Barre

Our signature 60 min class is fun, rewarding, and oh so good for you!. Athletic style with ballet and yoga influence, small isometric movements that challenge muscles into serious burnout=shaking=transforming

Beets Express Barre

Signature style condensed into 45 minutes.  Full body barre workout in 45 minutes, takes everything you love about 60 minutes and condenses with quicker transitions and abbreviated stretching to give you a full body workout in 45 minutes. 

Power Barre 45

Bringing some boot camp to barre.  A faster paced, choreographed barre class that mixes some of your favorite barre moves with dynamic strength training (think super sets of squats and lunges mixed in with plies and pulses).  Expect to sweat!

Power Circuit

Full body, full range of motion, dynamic strength training.  Designed to help build functional strength for injury prevention.