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Whitney kessler

1. Lettuce Turnip the Beet, give us your best "Beets" pun.  GO Beet don't kale my vibe....

2. A six year old asks if Santa Claus is real, what do you say? Give my best Buddy the Elf impression and yell "Santa! I know him!"

3. What is your favorite fitness garb at the moment? Well I obviously love my new Lettuce Turnip the Beet shirt, but I'm also loving the sets from Girlfriend Collective. Sweat-wicking, comfortable, stylish leggings, made from recycled water bottles. Yes please. 

4. What has led you to instructing at Beets? Barre is all about fusing the artistic with the athletic. I love that Beets affords me the opportunity to deliver creative programming that feels like a party, you know the kind where your muscles are shaking and you're cursing how little micro-movements can hurt so good. 

5. What can we expect in your class? Expect to walk out feeling like a rockstar, a very sore rockstar. I aim to create classes that are personal (customized options), challenging (no matter your fitness background), effective (yet low impact) and most importantly, a rocking good time. We'll sweat, laugh and maybe cry (... just kidding), while increasing strength, mobility, and flexibility. Sound fun? See you at the barre.